Top 5 Fashion Brands

The style is a way to say who are you without speaking! Today, people don’t really wear clothes for the sake of wearing. They relate clothing with luxury, status, respect, and most importantly STYLE! India is upgrading their dressing sense from past few years and is adapting the new trends as well. Seeing their favorite celebrities endorsing the brands, people literally crave for a particular style. India housewives want the same lehenga suit as their favorite bahu rani of some series wore. Indian men want the same jeans that their favorite star wore in a movie and dated the heroine. Kids also want the same ‘fancy’ suits that their Balveer or Jian put on.

Let us peep through some of the most expensive brands that are available in India. ‘Peep” because a middle-class person would have to sell his kidney to buy these clothing.

  2. Well, the starting price of the wrist watch category of Armani is above 20K and your mind must be going like, “ A second-hand scooter is a cheaper than this wrist watch!” From scarves to suits and sunglasses to belts, from underwears to jeans and bets to jewelry Armani has everything for everyone.
  3. PRADA
  4. The trendsetter in sunglasses, the Italian brand started from a leather goods business and now, it deals with sunglasses, clothes, shoes, and ties as well. A normal frame for the eyes ranges from 10-12K INR.

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  2. Known as D&G, has products for kids, men, and women. The products that are products are the accessories that they have. Cosmetics, perfumes, handbags, wallets, and belts.
  4. Founded by Gianni Versace, Versace is known for its elite high-end fashion wear. One of the best high-class sexiness, customized designs and above that, Versace is known for its celebrity love. Probably, we all have at least heard Versace’s name on the F-TV Channel we used to watch when we were kids!

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  2. Luxury comes with Ralph Lauren. Sweaters, Shirts, designer belts, gloves, ties and what not! One has to save a lot to buy RL’s products (A middle class Indian). But yes, these products add to your style and you stand different!

Well, these were the some of the most expensive brands in India and I hope you have heard about them on Internet, F-TV, and especially when your favorite superstar wears them.  And it is rightly said, it is not about the brand, it is about STYLE! And Donatella Versace said it right, “fashion Is about dreaming and making other people dream!”


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Till next time, Happy Styling ☺


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