Five benefits of next generation firewalls


Firewalls are like physical locks, which create a certain amount of barrier to attacks. They block someone who is trying to take unauthorized control of your data network. However, once a firewall is installed then the attackers will take more time to penetrate your network and access secret data. The attackers will lose patience and will let go of their hold on your network. Thus, your networks data will be safe as they will not be able to pry open your network.  Such an aborted attack will not give them anything. They will be frustrated and will abandon the idea of penetrating your network. Thus, the effectiveness of firewalls cannot be denied.

Five benefits of next generation firewalls

To drive the point home, the following lines will give five benefits of next generation firewalls.  The main reason for going for next generation firewalls is because firewall next generation are becoming more stronger and complex to keep pace with the complexity in malware, ransom ware and other cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more complex and complicated. In order to keep pace with them, there is an attempt to go for next generation firewalls. The following are the benefits of next generation firewalls:

  • Multi-functional

Next generation firewalls are multi-functional. They allow deeper inspection and improved packet-content filtering of network traffic up to the application layer.  Traditional firewalls provide basic packet filtering. They also provide network and port address translations. They also provide stateful inspections and even support virtual private networks. Thus, next generation firewalls are more advanced.

  • Application awareness

Traditional firewalls normally block common application ports. They also block services on a network to avoid unauthorized access of the services of the network. However, as network connectivity has become complex, several applications use multiple ports. This cannot be deciphered by traditional firewalls. It is here that next generation firewalls provide the benefit.

  • Streamlined infrastructure

Next generation firewalls provide protection against viruses, spam messages, deep packet inspection and application control. They use only one console in doing all this. This reduces infrastructural complexities. On the other hand, a traditional firewall needs a new security appliance for every new threat. Thus, next generation firewalls are beneficial.

  • Threat protection

Next generation firewalls provide continuously upgrading antivirus and malware protection. They also minimize the avenues of attack by limiting the applications running on it. The next generation firewalls also examine the hidden vulnerabilities in data and mitigate risks from unknown applications. Traditional firewalls do not do all this. Therefore next generation firewalls are beneficial.

  • Network speed

In a next generation firewall, the throughput remains the same irrespective of the number of services to be protected.  This is not so in traditional firewalls. Although, traditional firewalls vendors promise specific throughput from every port, reality is quite the opposite. When an increased number of services are to be protected, the network speed is choked in a traditional firewall.


The importance of next generation firewall vendors and their products cannot be understated.  They both are equally important if we have to move into the next century and work with networks that are more complex.

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